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To participate in a null birth list, need to create an account.

To participate in a birth list, you do not need to have a Club Orchestra card. However, you do benefit from Club prizes for parents.

This depends on the parents' choice. If they chose to have all the items on their list delivered to their home, you will not be able to receive your gift at home.

Now that all of your loved ones know about your birth list, they can make you happy and participate. You can see their contributions from your customer account. In your list, on each item purchased, a "Free" label will be displayed and you will be able to see who has participated.

Parents have the option of having all items delivered to their home. If they have not opted for this choice, then you have the option of:

  • Keep in store for parents
  • Receive the gift at home
  • Exhibit the gift to parents
  • Collecting the gift in the store

Gift vouchers are vouchers donated by your family and friends. The total amount is created as you go along on your list. The gift certificate will be given to you at the end of your list. You can then enjoy it online or in our stores.