How to choose the right stroller for your baby?

You are preparing for the birth of baby and you have what seems like a loss of motivation when it comes to choosing a stroller?

It's true that there are so many models, brands and variations of strollers, that you can quickly lose sight of the important criteria that should motivate your purchase.

No need to panic, we are here to make it easier for you by describing the specifics, advantages and disadvantages of each version.

The different types of strollers: how to find your way around?

Depending on how you will use it, your lifestyle (city or country), your child's age, and a whole host of other criteria, there is bound to be a type of stroller that fits you.

Here are the different types in detail.

Compact Stroller

This model is suitable for everyday, more urban use. Some compact strollers can accommodate babies from birth with a flat reclining seat.

Once folded, this stroller takes up minimal space. It can be easily stored in the trunk of your car for example. Like any other model, the compact stroller is obviously equipped with all the necessary accessories for the safety of your baby.

City Stroller

The city stroller is both compact and light. It is designed for urban use and can be adapted to the urban landscape.

Suitable for use on sidewalks and all pedestrian routes, it is both light and space-saving. They are generally cane or compact folding strollers.

All-terrain stroller

More rugged and often equipped with three large wheels, the all-terrain stroller makes it easier to navigate rough terrain.

This type of all-terrain stroller offers all the comfort your child needs, as well as all the features it has. It is also equipped with small shock absorbers and inflatable wheels for maximum comfort and stability.

On the other hand, côt; weight, this stroller is heavier, especially due to the different size of the châssis and the presence of many amenities.

Should I choose my stroller according to the age of my child?

Actually, your child’s age will need to be taken into account. Because of his height and weight, it will necessarily be necessary that his position is adapted to his size.

Here are the different options corresponding to the different age brackets of babies.


In a carrycot, infants can lie down comfortably. Babies normally sleep, so it is necessary to be able to carry them in a reclining position.

This type of stroller is similar to a baby carriage, with the advantage of being able to use the carrycot as a bassinet at home.

Très useful until the 4th month of bé this type of stroller guarantees peaceful walks for your child.

Stroller with car seat

On this type of stroller, it is possible to remove the hull seat from the châssis, to turn it into a car seat.

It is generally necessary to equip yourself with adapted fixations to use the shell seat as a car seat, otherwise called cosy. But once properly installed, your child can move from the stroller to the car, without even getting out of his seat.

Comfortable and very safe, this type of equipment remains however rather bulky.


Combinable Stroller

This kind of stroller gathers all the options that you can expect from this kind of material. It is possible to attach a shell (car seat) or a carrycot.

Inclinable to adapt the position of the child according to his age, this type of stroller is also very versatile. For parents, this material is really interesting, as the child will be able to enjoy it from birth to about 3 years old, in addition to being able to use it as a car seat.

Whatever position is used, the child remains perfectly safe.

Pushchair Pack Duo

The duo stroller is equipped with a hammock and a seat, in addition to being able to adapt a car seat or a carrycot.

This practical and relatively light solution allows you to go from the car to the walk simply, without changing your child's place.

Pushchair Pack Trio

This is the combo that allows you to pack all the accessories into one. Clearly, a trio stroller allows you to use a carrycot as well as a hull or a hammock.

It is progressive and accompanies your child during his growth in infancy.

Cane or compact stroller

This is the lightest version of stroller, usable from 6 months for most models.

Practical and space-saving, it folds up simply. They are generally city chéssis, easy to fold and transport due to their léreté.

A cane stroller is generally handy and easy toéuse in the city.

Multiple stroller

This type of stroller is for parents who have two children very close in age, or even twins (or more!). It is possible to have two children in it at once.

There are different versions:

  • Sièges côte à côte.
  • Ifèges one in front of the other, in the same direction.
  • Ifèges one in front of the other face à face.

These strollers come in different variations (big wheels, city, etc.). Of course, these models are much bulkier.

They come in various designs (big wheels, city, etc.).

What type of wheels should your stroller have?

Similar to choosing the châssis, wheel selection will be based on your lifestyle. Look at the tail instead.

Small wheels

Small-wheeled strollers are essentially city models. The small wheels are suitable for smooth surfaces, without obstacles or dust.

In addition, strollers with small wheels always have 4 wheels, unlike off-road models.

If you're looking for a stroller that will be used mainly in the city, opt for a small-wheel model: as a bonus, once the stroller is folded, the small wheels are very space-saving.

Large Wheels

If you live in the country or are used to long walks on rough roads, then a large wheel stroller is what you need.

Truly often, these large wheels are inflated or their tires are full of foam (puncture proof). Between the cushioning these wheels provide, and the shock absorbers often present on the off-road models, these strollers are extremely comfortable for your little ones.