How to make the house safe for baby?

Are you expecting the arrival of a child? You wonder about the safety of your child in your home?

The truth is, when your little one starts to move around the house, you quickly realize that many things can be potentially dangerous: stairs, table corners, electrical outlets, doors, drawers, etc.

From the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom, there are a lot of details to pay attention to in order to avoid accidents.

Let's look at everything we need to pay attention to in order to prevent children from getting hurt in the house.

We start to secure the house before the arrival of the baby

Before your child is even born, we recommend a quick review of all the rooms in the house, so you can take stock quickly.

It is best to move forward room by room.

The b&e room;

If he can't mop around yet, your little one will try to grab everything in his reach, eventually putting it in his mouth.

In addition, we will make sure that he will be in perfect safety during his sleep. We will therefore pay attention to all this:

  • Bed screen: essential for bé sleep in sé.
  • We remove textiles from the bed: apart from the fitted sheet of the mattress, remove lint and sheets to prevent bébé from catching them during the night (the sheets can wrap around him).
  • Door blocking: this évite that your child locks himself alone in the room without wanting it. It also quickly pinches fingers.
  • Babyphone: this accessory allows you to keep an ear on his child à distance, and to be able to intervene in case of concern.

We can also add a protection so that it does not get stuck fingers in the dresser (block drawer) as well as corner protectors. As long as he is an infant, he doesn't walk around yet, but you'll see, he'll soon want to explore the house on all fours.



We never leave bé alone in the bathroom, but despite everything, we will make sure that nothing can put his safety at risk.

  • Faucet protection: during bathing, faucets can get very hot. In order to avoid burns, we will protect them.
  • We put all bottles of products (shower gel, cream, shampoo, etc.) out of reach.
  • We install an anti-spill mat: in case of a spill, you won't risk anything even if you hold on tight.
  • We also protect the corners and electrical outlets.

Beware of bathroom cabinets and their small doors. If you can install a door locking system, you will avoid unnecessary boo-boos.


Depending on the layout of your home, there are many points to consider:

Stairs: install protective barriers in front of each. This will prevent your child from accessing this dangerous space.

The corners of the furniture: the corners of the furniture should be protected by a barrier.

Furniture corners: install corner guards. Bébéso small, his tête arrives at the level of tables and other furniture. Watch out for the dents!

We protect all electrical outlets à his port: plug covers must be installed. We will also avoid leaving the power cords of the various accessories plugged in.

The blocking of the power cords is a good idea.

Drawer blocks: on all furniture equipped with drawers, we will install these protective accessories. They will prevent your child from dropping a drawer on it, trying to climb on it, or getting their fingers caught in it.

They are a great way to protect your child from getting a drawer on it.

We quickly let drag objects à its portée: bébé is à the height of all low furniture where we easily put the contents of our pockets. To be avoided!

To ensure your child's safety and make sure you don't forget anything, get down low to the ground like your child. From his height, you will easily see all the tempting objects for him, as well as all the areas that represent a risk (doors, door handles, corners of furniture, etc.).

From his height, you will easily see all the tempting objects for him, as well as all the areas that represent a risk (doors, door handles, corners of furniture, etc.).


Beware, in this search for danger, do not see evil everywhere.

Yes, bé can get bumped, for all that, try to remember your childhood: not everything was protected and wrapped in bubble wrap!!

More seriously, take care to sécurate all the places where your child can actually go, no need to try à to plug the smallest corner. And then if he bumps a little, don't panic, reassure him.

Just remember that by being aware of the danger to your child, you will be attentive enough to avoid small accidents and little hurts. For the rest, anything that represents a real risk, just be careful by protecting all the sensitive points.