Club Orchestra



If for kids, fashion is about being fashionable.
For parents, it's about saving money




Kids don't wait for sales to grow up and that's why we created Club Orchestra. 
The Club is a 100% winning model, unique in its kind, which allows you to bénébenefit from discounts on all our products for only 30CHF per year.

Whatever time of the year, you get 50% off all year on all ORCHESTRA branded apparel and accessories and maternity wear;Take advantage of a 30% discount on shoes (with some exceptions), and a 20% discount on PREMAMAN textiles. Take advantage of a discount of up to 20% off all year on all baby products (with exceptions).


Becoming a member of Club Orchestra ?
A real breeze.


How to become a Club Orchestra member 
To become a Club Orchestra member purchase your card in-store or at This will make you a member of Club Orchestra and end the tyranny of sales! All year long you will benefit from 50%* discount on Orchestra fashion collections (clothing and accessories) child, maternity, online and up to -20%* on all childcare (except exceptions)*.  

1. Visit your nearest Orchestra store or
2. I'm a Club member and enjoy Club benefits online and in-store!




How do I stay a member of Club Orchestra? If you have reached the end of your card's validity date or your online purchase limit (3000CHF/year for the 1-year Club card and 6000CHF/2 years for the 2-year card), you can renew your Orchestra Club membership in-store or at For simplicity, you keep the same card with the same number.