How does it work?

I open my list at Orchestra

I create my Club account
  • I select my store or choose online
  • .
  • I fill in my Club card or buy it to validate my list
  • I finalize my list on the site or by making an appointment in store
  • I manage my list at Orchestra

    • I get all the Club benefits
    • .
    • I share my list by email or on social networks
    • My friends and family participate on the site or in store
    • I place my orders
    • I pick up my products in store or have them delivered

    I close my list at Orchestra

    • I close my birth list no later than 6 months after the birth of b&b;
    • I take advantage of my in-store or online gift voucher
    • .

    When to make my birth list?

    The birth list, it’s the essential step before the arrival of bébé. It is the moment where the future parents must take stock of all the material aspect.
    You can start well and rè to take it there from the first months of pregnancies because to take there in advance remains a pledge of success and peace of mind.
    Notwithstanding, we advise you to start your birth list à from the 5èth month. It is usually at this time that you may have (if you wish) covered the sex of the baby.

    No two birth lists are the same!It's up to you to create YOUR birth list, the one that gathers all the accessories you will need to take care of your child. Stroller, car seat, toys, everyday products, let your desires speak.
    The tradition of the birth gift is really important and it allows everyone to welcome their baby with a personalized attention. That's why Orchestra offers you to create your online birth list and allow all your loved ones to participate in this happy event with useful gifts.

    You don't know what to expect from a new baby.

    You don't know what items or products to put on your birth list ? 

    We're here to help

    4 good reasons to create your birth list at Orchestra

    Simple & practical

    Simple & convenient accessible anywhere with no obligation to purchase


    Lowest prices all year long with the Club!


    Experts at your service and the widest selection of childcare products


    I share my list on social networks or by email

    Club Benefits

    Become a member of the Club and benefit from the lowest prices all year long : -50% off all ORCHESTRA-branded apparel and accessories, 30%* off footwear and discounts of up to 20%* on all baby products (* see club card).

    At the close of your birth list, you will receive in a voucher 10% of the total amount of items offered.

    I become a Club member

    Gift vouchers



    Your loved ones will have the opportunity to give you a gift voucher in the amount they desire. The gift certificate will be given to you upon closing.




    Find the most frequently asked questions below.

    In order to be able to access and set up your birth list at any time, you must log in and therefore create a Customer account. If you are already an Orchestra customer, your usual Customer account is sufficient.


    To initiate your birth list and make a selection of items, the Club card is not required. However, it will be required for validation.
    To purchase the card and take advantage of the very attractive Club prices, go to: Club OrchestraWith the Club card, your family and friends pay the Club price when they give you gifts from your birth list.

    At the closing of the birth list, you will receive a voucher worth 10% of the total amount of the items offered. To be redeemed immediately or later. 

    When creating your list, you have the option to:

    1. Have all your items delivered to your home (the shipping costs will then be the responsibility of the people offering the gift)
    2. Let your loved ones choose between:
    • Keep in store for parents
    • Receiving the gift at home
    • Exhibit gift to parents
    • Collecting the gift in the store

    Once your list is validated by Orchestra, you can, via your account in "I manage my list" share the link directly with your family and friends. You can even personalize your message.

    Log in to your account. Browse our online catalog or use our sélection on "L'essentiel de bébé" to make your choice. Then in each product sheet, click on the "Add to my baby list" button in pink to add it to your list, remembering to specify the size and or color if needed.

    Yes, you can tell your friends and family what your "Favorite" items are. As soon as the item appears in your birth list, you can give it the "Favorite" status by activating the small canvas in the item's box.

    All your "Favorite" items will appear at the top of the list. Convenient to inform your friends and family about the items you care about.

    To fill in your Club Card number, log in and go to "My Details" to specify your Club Card number.

    When creating your birth list, you will be able to write a personal message to your family and friends. It will appear in the page visible online for your relatives. You will be able to modify it until the validation of this one.


    You can add or remove an item from your birth list throughout the creation process. To do so, simply log in and go to "I manage my list."

    However, once this one is validated, to modify it, you will have to make a request via the online form. You can access it by going to "I manage my list" and then to "Follow-up on my list".

    Gift vouchers are vouchers donated by your family and friends. The total amount is created as you go along on your list. The gift certificate will be given to you at the end of your list. You can then enjoy it online or in our stores.

    Your loved ones benefit from Club pricing when they give you gifts from your baby list without having a Club card.