MICUNA, the furniture that ensures quality and safety

Micuna was born in 1973 in Spain. Known worldwide for the quality and safety of its products, the company is now a leader in the manufacture of children's beds and furniture.

All products are made with wood from sustainable forests.

All products are made with wood from environmentally friendly forests to ensure a green world for our children.


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The complete rooms

Micuna knows how important sleep is to a baby's growth. So she designs rooms as cocoons that promote relaxation and well-being for the child.

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The Micussori collection

The Micussori Micuna collection is a family of furniture based on the Montessori educational model, which aims to develop independence and freedom with limits in children, respecting their natural psychology and their physical and social development.

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The beans

Whether you choose the Smart one with its light to make sure your baby sleeps peacefully without disturbing him or the mini bassinet that keeps him safe, the minicots are designed to keep your baby sleeping safely and you sleeping peacefully.

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The beds

A mutitude of choices are available to you. Micuna rooms are made of wood from ecological forests.The beds turn into a chest of drawers or a comfortable desk with optional accessory KIT DESK. Some integrate an innovative LED lighting system.


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All Micuna textiles are made from 100% organic cotton, a guarantee of safety for products that come into contact with baby's skin.

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The chairs

Pregnancy and the first months of your baby's life are a unique stage, in which it is very important to take care of yourself and rest. With the Docking system you can come and magnetize one or two Micuna cradle so that you can rock simultaneously.

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The bathtub commode

The dresser plus bathtub is very useful, with its large storage capacity you can easily store baby's clothes as well as all your diaper and bath products. Afterwards you will only need to remove the wheels, the tub, the changing mat and the storage compartments that are on the side, to have a real dresser.

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The OVO PLUS ONE high chair

The OVO baby high chair is an ultra-design and evolutionary chair. It is the essential object during baby's first meals. Choose your favorite among the three available versions: OVO ONE, a Nordic design in beech and white; OVO CITY, an urban design with anthracite and mahogany colors; the new OVO ICE, with the most trendy combination: taupe and white.

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